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Summer Enrichment Activities (SEA) All students will participate in a non-credit co-curricular workshop that will relate to their credit science or math class.

In hands- on and interactive ways, the workshops seek to tie together principles and concepts that will bring the credit class experience to life.

Basic Concept of Physics Topics include Newton's laws of motion, linear motion and fallling objects, momentum, energy, rational motions, gravity, and more.

Consists of lecture and lab experiments with guided problem-solving sessions.

This is your chance to do something exceptional this summer, and the best part of this program is that the courses, the books, your transportation, and even lunch are all FREE!

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This program also contains: a communication capability that is built on an internal email system that has a symbol palette attached, and an artificial intelligence capability that looks at student entered responses (there are no multiple choice questions) on assessments, and determines what content a student is ready to access.Key features of LMSs are: * The communication features (e-mail, messaging, discussion boards, and white boards) include both synchronous and asynchronous features for the instructor to communicate with the entire class, with subgroups of the class, and with individual members of the class.Email, discussion sessions, and instant messaging may have mathematics palettes to allow for the transmission of mathematical symbols, expressions, and equations.Concluding considerations will consider the next steps of research and development.(PACe is an acronym for "Paced Algebra to Calculus electronically.) The authors' encourage readers to communicate any questions or comments regarding these or other mathematics online programs to the email address above.

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