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Colletti, the Mafia chieftain in Colorado, was like the Valenti brothers wrongly described as a Bonanno soldier during the Valachi testimony.His direct ties to the Bonanno mob were clearer though; with Joseph Bonanno, he was a partner in the Colorado Cheese Company.To seek this support the Rochester mobsters must have been already familiar with at least some Bonanno Family members.But it would also indicate the approval of the Bonannos was necessary for the Rochester Mafiosi to make changes in their leadership, or at least the Rochester Mafioso felt so.During the later part of the 1910s, Colletti lived in Rochester and, apparently, in other parts of the New York state and New Jersey.

Despite their identification, both escaped conviction on the Giannola murder charge.

But having previously testified that the Mafia in Buffalo, only 65 miles west of Rochester, supervised the entire area from Buffalo up to Utica and into Ontario, Canada, Valachi contradicted himself.

Adding to the confusing was the fact that in an earlier session of the committee, Valachi had answered “nothing in Rochester” to the question whether there was any Cosa Nostra presence in that city.

In August 1921, several men were arrested in Brooklyn and Manhattan, New York.

Among them was Stefano Magaddino, the future Buffalo mob boss, who at the time made his home in Brooklyn.

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