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This may seem like one that is obvious but truth of the matter is, puppies train better when they are hungry simply because they will do what they can to get that food! Also don’t just train with treats, train with real food. This leads up to our next tip Now this is another no brainer right? I learned this a couple years ago and still to this day I’m grateful for it!

I like to stimulate their mind as much as possible and the best way to do that is to train them! How many people struggle with training there dogs and being a pack leader? I don’t have exact numbers but I imagine the percentage of people who fail at training is rather high. There are many tips and tricks out there but I am just going to cover the ones that have worked for me! Not only that, they will catch on faster, in my experiences! Now, remember, if you train your puppy with food he can become dependent on it if you reward him every time he does the command.

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Also, breaking it down into 15 minute intervals will give you possibly an hour or hour and a half a day of training. I hope that using these 3 tips can help you with the training of your dog!

All of these have helped me and the 5 dogs that I have in my pack!

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