Chat about sex with mother

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You know she really likes Meryl Streep and that if she hasn’t already gone to see it, she’s probably eager to get tickets.

Here are some things I’ve learned and tested out along the way. Compliment Her Whoever said flattery will get you nowhere clearly did not know what they were talking about. Apart from being pleased that you like her sense of style, she’s going to appreciate the fact that you’re paying attention.

Remember, though, that the two of you most likely do not share the same tastes.

So before you start denouncing that new Shakira song, think before you speak—she might have just downloaded it from i Tunes.

The day the bouquet arrived, it was cold, gray, and rainy and she confessed that she’d been in an awful mood all day. Your partner’s mother will be pleasantly surprised by your call or letter and delighted that you are just randomly thinking of her. I do feel that I have a nice relationship with my fiancé’s mom.

Instead of dreading her visits or calls, I look forward to them.

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