Dating old bibles

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I found one entry in google books that, while not the bible itself, refers to that edition of the bible.

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The story of The Gingerbread Man is printed on the paper in the front and back of the book. If you read upthread, you would realise that any bible published in the USA could not be old enough to have any interest to collectors.My SIL asked me to ask y'all if you'd help us "date" a very old Bible we found that has no printing information.Here's what we have (and all of this is on the title page) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Self-Pronouncing Edition The Holy Bible Containing The Old And New Testaments Translated Out Of The Original Tongues With The Former Translation Compared And Revised Conformable To The Edition Of 1611, Commonly Known As The Authorized Or King James Version All Proper Names Are Divided Into Syllables Accented And Marked With The Vowel Sounds Showing How They Should Be Pronounced --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- [The publisher listed is] THE WORLD PUBLISHING COMPANY Cleveland, Ohio New York City I googled the publisher, but couldn't find anything concrete other than someone named Bruce Rogers was responsible for an edition of a Bible of which only 975 were printed.To a book collector or book dealer, a bible published in the 1930s is not "a very old bible." One published in 1733 might be so described, but I personally would expect even an earlier date for such a bible. I have a New Testament printed in 1732 and it's only the beautiful illustrations that give it its value, not the date.I suppose it may be different in the US but here in England even 16th or 17th century bibles are far too common to have much worth unless they have something other than the date to commend them, eg excellent condition, illustrations or ownership by someone well-known Even if the age won't have any interest among collectors, it might still have interest to the person who owns the book.

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