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Her nonfiction relationship with Seinfeld began in spring 1985 when the cute, 5-8 then-lingerie model and aspiring actress with a 34C-23-33 figure met the skinny comic at a Beverly Hills party, several days after he turned 33.(When he was first developing “Seinfeld,” a character named “Susan” was written into the script — named for Mc Nabb — but it was later dropped, she says.) Today, Mc Nabb appears in commercials and ads for banks and businesses because, “I’m not the slim, trim 25-year-old I was when I was with Jerry. And after years of my consciously avoiding any and all news of Jerry Seinfeld, here we go again.” The new Seinfeld project “brought up a lot of old feelings about Jerry that I’d worked long and hard to bury,” asserts Mc Nabb. She couldn’t believe what she was hearing, and recalls thinking, “It’s ironic that the man who avoided the mere mention of marriage in my presence for years has now grown into a full-on television-show-producing expert on the subject of marriage and marital problems.

Jessica, a sharp cookie herself — she recently wrote a best-selling cookbook — thought, “Hey, this could be a TV show.” And before you could say “NEWMAN!!!About a year ago, model Susan Mc Nabb was relaxing in her Los Angeles home when her husband looked up from his laptop-surfing and mentioned a gossip item he thought she’d find interesting. But instead of “Seinfeld” sitcom-style kvetching, the 50-year-old TV-commercial and print model found a way to cope with her demons.It seemed her longtime, long-ago boyfriend, Jerry Seinfeld, was planning a new TV project called “The Marriage Ref,” yet another reality-style show, this one dealing with the marital squabbles of real-life couples. “I sat down at my computer and started writing everything down.Comedy.” Says Mc Nabb, “I didn’t want to write a kiss-and-tell, so I made it a novel.” With the much ballyhooed “The Marriage Ref” set to debut on March 4 on NBC, Mc Nabb is finishing her roman à clef dealing mostly with her turbulent eight-year relationship with a successful stand-up whom she hoped to marry.But as any Seinfeldologist knows, that union never happened.

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