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Rick and Kris had four children: Tracy Kristine Nelson (born October 25, 1963), identical twin sons, Matthew and Gunnar Nelson (born September 20, 1967) and Sam Hilliard Nelson (born August 29, 1974).

The breakup of Kris and Rick Nelson's marriage was bitter and acrimonious.

The police are suspicious of how good his tips are, so therefore he must have been involved with the crimes.

Prior to her well-publicized court battle with her brother and his wife, Kris underwent treatment for substance abuse at New Beginnings, a respected facility at L. She was eventually granted custody of Sam, although Mark and Pam were given visitation rights.So, he employs his skills to identify criminals and their methods in the news and calls crime tip lines for the reward.This backfires on him when he is arrested as an accomplice.The two frequently collaborate with the real detectives Carlton "Lassie" Lassiter and Juliet "Jules" O'Hara.Lassiter finds Shawn unbearably annoying, though he eventually grows to respect him, while Juliet is more civil to them, and eventually becomes Shawn's Romantic Interest.

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