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2038444School setting sells because the target demographic is forever trying to relive that moment in thier life as one of the cool kids.

It's also an incredibly easy setting to put a bunch of characters together and force them to interact without much effort hetshit game that Peko and many VAs of the Sono Hana series are involved in, Koi to Koisuru Utopia, is again delayed, to June 24.

I've gotten a bit more used to it to the point that I'm more sympathetic with the MC and the game is pretty good.

Are there translated Yuri VNs that are first-person like other dating sims tend to be as well?

Butthurt 4chan anons clearly know this, so it ought to be true.2038420That's the problem I have with this series.

They have lasted for years so they have gained tons of popularity by this point, enough to branch the project itself into, say, increasingly more risqué ventures, but they keep digging into the same school setting.

A Kiss For The Petals - Remembering How We Met released: can buy it here and get an steam key:

goods_type=1&product_code=149Steam page: website: website: and info: Translations are currently offline, probably due to above Sono Hana guide: download: https:// Drama CD download: https:// Music: HD CG packs: https://

Regarding OVA BD:[email protected] Up-scaling or remaster?If it doesn't happen that day though, it will probably never happen. Where anything short of a multi billion franchise is little cash and worthless and totally failing and not making any money whatsoever.Clearly, Fuguriya has been bankrupt since game 1, since these games don't sell and don't make a profit.They made a little animation with the Chuchu logo and added a company motto too (at least this was not present in the DVD rip).Maybe they are actually planning a second OVA, since I don't see reason to waste time making this, if they are not planning anything else for Chuchu.

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