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Where are we now, in terms of the relations between Russia and Georgia?For starters, the fragile peace there is constantly under threat from Russia.Entertainment 68.5E Power Vu Discovery-Networks 4.9E & 0.9W Power Vu AFN 9E Power Vu Possible after few hours key change again!!!SIS Live 4.9E Power Vu Codice: //Betfred TV1/Betfred TV2/Betfred TV3/New Boyles Sport/William Hill/SISUpdate: HBO/Cinemax 4W Power Vu NBCU E!The overall sense that Russia is still regarded as a nation that is on the world stage continues to be reported in most of the world press.Which is a relief to thoughtful people who were concerned that Putin’s efforts to rehabilitate his image just a few short years after invading a neighboring country might have been paying off.

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This neglect is a forlorn testament to our reduced collective attention span in this day and age. They say you can know a man’s character by how he treats those less fortunate than himself.

For starters, the Group of Eight or G8 was reduced to the Group of Seven when Russia was expelled for its bellicose actions.

The former Soviet republic had economic sanctions put in place against it and was censured by then-U. President Obama in the form of having members of their diplomatic corps kicked out of a couple of U. mansions which they were accused of using as bases for spying.

The war crimes committed by Putin and his thugs in the Crimean peninsula are bad enough; it would be unconscionable for the nations of the world to forgive them–if for no other reason than that he continues to recklessly flout the accepted rules of international law.

Because the truth is, to understand the machinations of the ex-spy who now controls the kleptocracy that is the modern Russian state, to see just how devious and brutal the Russian president and his cronies really are, one need look no further than Russian relations with neighboring Georgia.

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