No overload for onrowupdating matches delegate vba screen updating code

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Question regarding an editable datagrid My grid loads properly and i am able to edit in normal circumstances. The datagrid column has the following values: - header text: "Atlas Valve" - text field: "Atlas Valve" - url field: "Atlas Valve" I am running the code below, but the hyperlink object "hl" is always equal to nothing, after I find a value in the curr Value, so hl. Then within the Item Data Bound event of the Data Grid, retrieve a reference to your inner Drop Down List, and re-b...

However, if certain people login to this page, there is a dropdown list that filters the datagrid in a sepertate sub and binds the data to the grid after a button is clicked. Check Changed event is not working in the Datagrid's checkbox control Hello friends, I have a grid with third column as checkbox which is added dynamically.

Event Handler' on the front end line of code that I displayed above. If anyone can help me with this problem, I would be most grateful.

I know I can just doing it as a simple href would solve my problem, but for many reasons, I have to do it as a asp:linkbutton.

This enables you to provide an event-handling method that performs a custom routine, such as a custom paging operation, whenever this event occurs.

However, I need to do an On Item Created event because if I'm missing data in a certain column, I display a Hyper Link control in the Data Grid so that the user can enter the missing data. The problem is I pass the Data Grid control to a class and let the class populate it and return it to the ASPX page. These subsuquent controls with are loading with in an event after the page_load() executes have two problems, the first is that their events are not being registered and the... The information provided is needed inorder to load subsuquent controls but this information is not available until after a click event is executed in the tab control, which occors after the page_Load() of the page the Tab Controls exists on.However, the when i click the edit button, nothing happens. like i mentioned, it does correctly call this sub when the dropdown list is not needed. Public Sub Bind The Grid() Dim con My Data As Sql Connection Dim cmddg As Sql Comm... The checkchanged event is not working in the following condition : I have written following code ....Data Grid I have a Data Grid that I have created programatically like this: Data Grid dg Notes = new Data Grid();dg Notes. In the Page_load event : If (Is Post Back = False) Then Bind_mygrid() End If In this condition, the checkbox's checkchanged event is not fired...

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