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But with its straggly black hair and gloopy eyes, the pig mask is pretty terrifying in its own right – especially for swinophobes like, um, me. Wind-up frog mask This decorative frog mask isn’t particularly scary to look at. Rather than being used as a disguise by the killer, this mask is designed for his victim: once switched on, a built-in mechanism causes the mask to tighten until it crushes the skull of the unfortunate wearer. But in context, the cutesy masks are pretty frightening.They’re worn by black-clad killers who loom out of the darkness, lurking under the bed or unexpectedly smashing through windows, and all that violence makes the pleasant, blank expressions on the masks start to seem distinctly horrible. Night Owl You’d think a mask based on an emoticon would be kind of cute, particularly a smiling one, but the execution of this one makes it grotesque instead.Its sequel is sort of vaguely better, but not by much.But the mask is just so incredibly cool-looking that it’s hard not to wish that wasn’t true. It’s almost anatomically correct, but sort of distorted, and incredibly shiny.However, I can’t imagine what it would be like if you were a murderer.I mean, would the whole “bad boy” image appeal to some people or is there a limit that would be reached?But the way it looks like a human face gone ever so slightly wrong makes it pretty horrible to look at. Michael’s mask is based on a human face, but it’s blank, baggy, wrong.And somehow, knowing it was based on a death mask made from William Shatner’s face for an episode of is a terrible film.

fit=300,111" data-large-file="https://i1com/ Which means if you see someone wandering around wearing it, they’re already dead. Frank’s rabbit mask is eerie, distorted, grotesque, and utterly unforgettable. Machete mask There are so many things an aspiring murderer could choose to make their mask out of – plastic, wood, metal, or cloth, for instance.Imagine seeing that looking back at you from the mirror. Even an off-the-peg number can be terrifying in the right circumstances.But the scariest material for mask-making has got to be human skin.It’s gross, it’s threatening, and yeah, there’s not much scarier than that.

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