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And I've been told I have beautiful eyes and give the best neck ever!!!! I like to be treated like a lady at all times & I deserve to be respected enough in the bedroom to be treated like the playful little whore that I like to be at times.

But there is nothing like being made love to as well!!!

And, sure, certain aspects of appearance are in fact universally acknowledged as tenets of objective beauty.

There’s a lot of research on the attractiveness of facial symmetry.

Teeth say a lot about your overall health, grammar can tell you what kind of background and education the person has, and self-confidence says a lot about your psychological stability.” Related: Why You’re Sometimes Kinda Turned On by That Guy You Hate" data-reactid="34"According to Fisher, research shows that we are generally drawn to people who are similar to us — the same socioeconomic status, education level, intelligence, culture, religion, looks, and so on.

However, if it were just about such a simple checklist, becoming smitten would be far easier.“We all walk around with a subconscious list of what we’re looking for in a partner,” Fisher says.

“From a Darwinian perspective, this makes perfect sense.

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I feel that I must also state to those of you who send me an e-mail...

I am a Standard Member now so if you do not attach a picture, I just delete without even reading them...sorry, and if you do send a pic...please don't send a pic of your penis...

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