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"We are going to be holding this opinion up high when we go into court to challenge this portion of House Bill 2." Chris Sgro, executive director of LGBT advocacy group Equality NC, said the ruling "makes clear that anti-transgender legislation like North Carolina's House Bill 2 are unconstitutional and misguided," and he again called for it to be repealed. He was allowed to use the boys' restrooms at the school for several weeks in 2014.

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— A policy barring a transgender student from using the boys' restrooms at his Virginia high school is discriminatory, a federal appeals court ruled Tuesday.

In a case closely watched by public schools and transgender-rights activists across the country, a three-judge panel of the 4th U. Circuit Court of Appeals overturned a federal judge's decision rejecting Gloucester High School student Gavin Grimm's sex discrimination claim and ordered the lower court to hear the case.

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