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Had I not been the one to intercede, who knows what would have happened. When she used those words, "Undeniable" and "Inevitable", I got the definite impression she'd really thought it through and knew what she was saying.And if it was really true, if she was hell-bent on being submissive, I surely wouldn't want to trust her future and her happiness to just anyone. And if I did, the love I could show her might make it easier for her.We drove out to the lake and as soon as I shut the car off, she was leaning over into my lap and unbuckling my belt.We were in the back seat in a matter of minutes, and she had her dress pulled up and her panties off before I could blink. As she was reaching for her panties to put back on, she asked me if I could drop her off at her friend's house, so I said I would.In fact, the only reason I took her to the prom was because my friend told me his girlfriend told him that this girl didn't have a date, and I could probably get laid because she was "easy".When we got to the prom, we danced a few dances and she asked if I was ready to leave.

I'm not trying to put all males in that category, however, there's a huge percentage where I think guys could care less about a girl's feelings, and are more than willing to cheat, lie and manipulate for the sole reason of sex. Ask her how many times guys will look at their breasts.Since it's been eighteen months since the initial chapters were posted on Literotica, we highly encourage you to go back and read the first 4 chapters of this story so you know what's going on between Alison and Brett in this chapter.######################## I have to say that peering between my naked little sister's legs and seeing the thin, pink membrane of her intact hymen guarding the entrance to her vagina was both a reflective and thought provoking event. this miracle of nature that girls are blessed with....She and I were both in high school, out in my father's car for the Senior Prom.I wasn't in love with her, and I'm absolutely sure she wasn't in love with me.

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