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Laura Joan was also the first Starfish baby to be adopted into her forever family. Steven Brown, of Tilia, tastes wine for the restaurant with wine consultant Angie Heitz, left, and Rinata restaurant manager Erin Mc Intosh, right, Oct.However, there are some things which definitely haven’t changed.The understanding and awareness of many is still significantly lacking.They talked about new beginnings with youth leader Drew Sorenson and shared some ideas of what they would like to do in the new year.They learned about decorating a tree in the forest for the animals from The Night Tree by Eve Bunting.Additionally, there’s a need to develop disability network leaders and ensure that they have the skills and opportunities to enable and develop disabled people within organisations. There’s still a long way to go to get to equality for people with disabilities.We’re beginning to see the change in this space too – a brand new community called Purple Space is leading the way. The ‘fight’ for equality continues but we’re making progress and I’m pleased to say that it’s the business world leading the fight.

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Of course, I’ll mention Barclays’ ‘This is me’ campaign but other great campaigns include Shell’s ‘Be Yourself’ and HSBC’s ‘Connect with Difference’ all of which demonstrate the value of diversity – and disability in particular.

I recently received some lovely pictures from Laura Joan's family.

Laura Joan was one of Amanda's first six babies she had placed in her arms.

20 years since the DDA was enacted has anything changed? I was only a nipper in 1995 (for reference I was 6), so to understand the impact of it I read a lot of the articles, stories and reflections marking the 20 anniversary.

As we drew closer to the 20 anniversary of this legislation earlier this year(2015), a large number of articles started to pop up looking back on whether the legislation had actually made a difference and has actually delivered what it was supposed to – to create a more equal society and protect people with disabilities.

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